Premier Proofing specializes in copyediting and proofreading any kind of writing on the web—but particularly all of the awesomeness written by life coaches, bloggers, and those in the personal development field.

I will take your blog posts, e-books, print books, newsletters, and web copy and zap them with the magical power of grammar so that your audience can hear you better.

With my ultra-quick turnaround, you’ll have your writing back speedy quick (usually within 24-48 hours or less) so you can hit “publish” with pride!


Premier Proofing is me, Lynn Hess.  I’ve been a reader, writer, and grammar nerd for as long as I can remember.  My love affair with words started young… and has never stopped.


We’re all born with a natural flair for certain things.  Some people can turn a pile of what seems like junk into beautiful art, and others can stand up in front of a room and make people laugh.  Some people even have an innate sense of direction and never get lost (that is definitely NOT me!).

My personal superpower is taking words and polishing them ’til they dazzle.  No errant apostrophe or mismatched pronoun escapes my grammar-nerdy eye!

I’m a magna cum laude graduate of Texas A&M–Commerce (English and Marketing), and have written and edited both as a freelancer and as a staff member at various companies and organizations (BenBella Books; The Institute for Urban Policy Research at The University of Texas at Dallas; Foundation for Community Empowerment; Fidelity Investments).

I’ve also trained as a Life Coach (CoachU, Martha Beck Life Coach Training, Byron Katie’s School for The Work, The Passion Test) and have a deep passion for all things personal development.  Life Coaches and bloggers—I LOVE editing your work and helping you help people!

Contact me today and let me unleash my ninja grammar skills on your blog posts, e-books, and newsletters.  You’ll be amazed at what a little slicing and dicing can do—and how much better your readers will respond when your communication is as sharp as it can be.

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