What Clients are Saying

“I do most of my own editing because I write very much as I speak and my audience is used to the occasional typo and “Timism.” However, when I was launching my premium product, Aligning With Your Core Values—which was aimed at a bigger market—I knew I needed to be a bit more professional.  Lynn did an awesome job and even my designer commented on how well she had done because editing my writing style isn’t easy.  Great to work with, very professional and timely—what more could you ask for?”  — Tim Brownson, Life Coach at  A Daring Adventure


“I was lucky enough to be in charge of compiling Martha Beck’s monthly newsletter in years past, and after sending out two editions with blaring typos, I quickly learned I needed a skilled ‘extra set of eyes’ — and Lynn has been a blessing!  She is professional, with fast turnaround, and has caught mistakes that could have caused considerable embarrassment for Martha, as her readers are highly educated, notice a comma out of place, cringe at a misspelling, and expect grammatical perfection. With Lynn editing for me, I was able to confidently click ‘publish’ each month.  Thank you, Lynn!”  — Jennifer Voss, Life Coach at The Truth Experience


“Lynn is an absolutely fabulous copy editor. She did a fantastic job editing my book manuscript, and continues to beJill Farmer cropped excellent as the MBI newsletter proofreader. Lynn is thorough, extremely easy to work with, fantastic at details, professional, fast, compassionate, and fun to boot. Working with her is a privilege.” — Jill Farmer, Life Coach at Jill Farmer Coaching, MBI Newsletter editor, and author of “There’s Not Enough Time…and Other Lies We Tell Ourselves.”


“I know the work I produce is a reflection on me and careless writing, typos, and grammatic inconsistencies might give prospective clients the idea that I won’t give them the attention they deserve.  Lynn is my ace-in-the-hole on that score.  Smart as a whip and with a keen editing eye, she makes sure my content is an accurate representation of the type of high-quality work I do with clients.

What I love about working with Lynn is how little management she requires.  She just gets it—and she gets it done!  I recommend her highly—especially to solopreneurs who are both smart and busy in equal measures.”  — Angela Lauria, Journey Grrrl Publishing and The Author Incubator


“Lynn is so great to work with! As a copyediting genius, she finds every dangling participle, misplaced comma, and misused em dash—as well as ensuring  pronoun/subject agreement—which we can all agree is very sexy. As a fellow coach, she speaks our lingo and therefore understands when coaching concepts or ideas aren’t properly conveyed or clarified, which is also very sexy. Therefore, in conclusion, Lynn Hess = sexy.” — Jessica Steward, Life Coach at Jesscia Steward Coaching: Practical Magic for Your Life and Business and Chief Mischief Maker at Martha Beck, Inc.


“I have hired Lynn for several projects but the biggest and most notable was my 275 page book, Being Human. Lynn is a joy to work with and she absolutely made my book far better than it would have been without her. Lynn is not only a detail-oriented perfectionist (something you definitely want in an editor!), she is super smart and incredibly creative. She is amazing at brainstorming ideas and suggesting changes that make your work really stand out. Because she knows the personal development world better than most, working with Lynn is like having a proofreader, editor, and a mastermind group all in one. Hire her, you won’t be sorry!”  —  Dr. Amy Johnson, psychologist and Life Coach and author of Being Human:Essays on Thoughtmares, Bouncing Back, and Your True Nature and 15 Ways You’re Blocking Your Own Happiness. And 15 Things to Do Instead


“Lynn Hess has saved my butt so many times. I’m a blogger and I used to edit my own stuff or have my assistant do chris mccombsit. But readers would still write in showing me a ton of little errors. Turns out that even though I tried proofreading my own stuff and even had another person look it over, I still made critical errors every few paragraphs. That all stopped when I found Lynn. I haven’t had one reader write in to alert me of an error—because they’re aren’t any! Lynn finds them all. And not only that, but she’s a pleasure to work with and has super-fast turnaround times. Best proofreader I’ve ever found, and I’ve used quite a few!”  — Chris McCombs, Blogger, Copywriter, and Head Troublemaker at ChrisMcCombs.net


“When it comes to professionalism, Lynn Hess brings her top game.  She is prompt, efficient, on budget, and clear in her communications.  Just what you want in an editor.”  —  Robin Rice, Be Who You Are



“As writers, we get to the point where we cannot see errors; our minds are so tuned into the content and story we will fill in word gaps, punctuation, and the occasional late-night typo.  Working on a ridiculous deadline, Lynn delivered letter-perfect proofing.  On top of that, she was tuned in enough to be able to offer sincere feedback on content when asked.  I will definitely be sending Hess my next novel.  This kind of attention to detail and extra step is what separates amateurs from professionals.  Which are you?”  —  David Scott Hay, author of Fountain and Cloning Christ: The Second Book of Daniel